i just watched the dark night and its a blinding film , but it got me thinking what other great films have been out over the last few years , let alone the last 10

    when i was in my teens there was a great film out every other week ( fight club , black hawk down to name a few ) and others i grew up with ( goodfellas , the die hard films well the first 2 , even the arnie films predator , total recall , terminator )

    what happened to good films , like growing up ,films like armageddon were considered medium rated films yet today they **** all over the stuff they make today

    when i read reviews they give five stars to 2 old people living in a bungalow , whats going on ?

    seriously , other then the dark night i cant think of one film where ive sat and thought **** great film , nowadays all films seem to be intrested in is the acadamy awards and im sure the people who award those things must sniff there own farts

    i dont know about you but when i watch a film i want to be entertained , i dont want to watch 2 old people do gardening , i dont want to watch a king with a stutter , that my grandparants taxes paid for non the less (even tho its made up ) i want to be entertained

    anyway my rants over , if anyone can think of a decent film let me know and before you say true grit or the kings speech , when i was growing up they would have got a 3 at most

    ps anything other then no country by old men by the coen brothers is over rated

    ok ok rant done


    I liked Avatar, the 3D effects were brilliant and the story was just as good. Dark Knight is an amazing film, one of my favourites but The Matrix is my personal fav! When my mate lent me that on video (didn't go see it because it sounded boring and geeky) I watched it about 30 times!

    Godfather, Conair, Die Hard 1-3 not so much 4, Lethal Weapon 1-4, Full Metal Jacket, American HIstory X are all must see. Oh and Napoleon Dynamite is funny if you get it!


    If you like the Dark Knight, you should love Inception.
    It's not that good though and it's your taste in films that is shady.

    watch machete, good film


    Original Poster

    gman all those films except avatar are old , but fair enough avatar was good and thats my point , over the last 10 years how many must watch films have there been

    Yeah I guess you're right...but some of those films I mentioned probably weren't considered a must see during their time. Maybe because films are so easy to download illegally and how quick they go to DVD can be a reason. If you had to wait ages you would probably appreciate the film more? I don't know're probably right and it's probably the reason I don't go cinema often!

    Original Poster

    greatest666 ive seen inception , it was good but not as good as people make out

    my point is hollywoods got lazy , ive had a few to drink , so would have probably put up a better point tomorrow , but the bottom line is inceptions a good film but it dont measure upto films 10/20 years ago , point being films like bringing out the dead were rated good but not brilliant back then . if u brought that out now , it would get 5 stars everywhere , people have seem to lowered there standards

    Original Poster

    gman , example being expendables , its a good film for that kind of genre , but if you was comparing it to die hard , die hard wipes the floor with it , yet expendables got 4 stars in nearly every review , so if expendables gets 4 out of 5 , what does die hard get 11 out of 5 ?

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    gman , example being expendables , its a good film for that kind of genre , but if you was comparing it to die hard , die hard wipes the floor with it , yet expendables got 4 stars in nearly every review , so if expendables gets 4 out of 5 , what does die hard get 11 out of 5 ?


    expendables and avatar are awful films, both have weak story lines with no scenes or lines that stick in your mind and are soon forgotten about

    check out INTO THE WILD
    i had to chill out and relax to watch it, but it blew my mind once i relaxed
    beautiful film

    edit- sorry, just seen you said you wanted to be entertained.

    for gore/slash/thrills i liked WRONG TURN

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    Know what you mean there has been a lot of carp out recently. Other than the ones mentioned decent films of the last ten years IMO are (in no particular order) -: Kick Ass, Batman Begins, Training Day, The Last Samurai, Collateral, The Hangover, Zoolander, Terminator Salvation, SuperBad, The Illusionist, Bourne Trilogy, I am Legend, Resident Evil, Book of Eli, Master and Commander, Valkyre and Borat.


    watch machete, good … watch machete, good film[img][/img]

    Your joking tho right?



    avatar was good

    You're funny.


    Inception, zombieland is ace.

    I think you're looking back with rose tinted spectacles. The movies you saw while growing up will always be better as you relate them to a, for most people, happy and carefree time.

    It's the same with tv shows, I remember loving trapdoor, have you tried to watch an episode? Pure pap!


    I liked Avatar, the 3D effects were brilliant and the story was just as … I liked Avatar, the 3D effects were brilliant and the story was just as good.

    That Pocahontas/ avatar comparison is actually scary.

    I liked the story I don't care...maybe it was the 3D effects or the fact that I don't go to the cinema that often because a lot of the films are carp but it's one of the few films I enjoyed in the last year. Another being hangover but I can't remember what else I've seen so by today's standard it gets a good rating imo

    Predator and Alien (first 2)
    Never get bored watching them

    I would say broaden your horizons there are still great films being released. A lot of people I know would not watch foreign films but they are missing out as so many great films for example recent great foreign films that have been recently such mesrine, a prophet, let the right one in, of gods and men and The secret in their eyes.


    I am legend and zombieland are good

    Anything by the coen brothers other than no country for old men is overrated???

    Are you serious? Have you actually seen the big lebowski?

    One of my all time favourite films
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    Shut The **** Up Donny

    I remember when Dark Knight was at the cinema, the showings were fully booked for 2 weeks, all 7 days and at all the showings for every single day!

    Matrix series is pretty good, maybe rise of the silver surfer (if you like the superhero type), alternative -The Lion King.

    Everybody is different and have different taste in films so ones idea of a good film is not anothers cup of tea.

    dark knight is vastly over rated and was not as good as batman begins, however a film that did surprise me was also done by chris nolan and that was the prestige, never knew anything about it, so wasn'y expecting any thing but man what a film.

    OP check out some foreign films as post #20 suggested, I liked some foreign films; city of god, oldboy, a prophet to name but a few, as well as some Hollywood ones; kick ass, dark knight ...

    Original Poster

    souljacker you got me there big lebowski is a good film , what i shoud have said is in general the coen brothers films are over rated

    Original Poster

    sash ive seen old boy ( where the guy shags his daughter and eats a live octapus ? ) wasnt great but it was alright , i couldn't get into the prophet , city of gods a really good film

    Original Poster

    J dance thats a fair enough point , but dont you want to be entertained , like that film with the 2 old people and nothing happens , what is the point in that ?

    yet it got 4/5 stars in all the magazines and papers and that new film with the bloke from the 1st blade film stephen doriff or something , another film where nothing happens but rated quite highly in most magazines and papers

    what is the point in these films and why are they highly rated ? i must be thick or something because i just dont get it

    Just saw kung fu hustle for the fifth time recently, it's a 2004 film and it's awesome dude!

    [snip by DBA]
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