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    Lets see if this can take off...any movies you have seen recently- whether be old or new - give it a review.

    Try and keep chat to a minimum please

    oh...and keep them short - couple of lines


    Slumdog - best film I have seen for a long tie really good, apart from the really loud beginning
    favourite film - Pricilla Queen of the Desert




    all the Rocky films


    top gun..
    pulp fiction
    song remains the same
    Almost Famous

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    Madagascar 2

    A good sequel to the first movie. Story was good and the humour was there. Would recommend, overall 7/10.

    Sex Drive

    Alrite movie, nowhere near the standard set by previous teen movies. 5/10

    Taken, saw it tonight. Mans daughter gets kidnapped. Brilliant.
    Slumdog- excellent.
    The lady in the lake- carp

    Bolt - funny and enjoyable
    Hotel For Dogs - Yankee tripe
    Inkheart - good story and actors, enjoyable
    Twilight - snoozefest
    Slumdog - Exceptional
    Taken - tripe but comedy action (why didn't his mates help out ?????)
    Tropic Thunder - Tena Lady needed throughout as it was so funny

    Hudson Hawk:


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    Snatch - Great. 9/10
    Death race - also great 8.5/10
    In bruges - Funny and good story 7.5/10
    Wedding Daze - Poor. 4/10

    The Waterboy:

    Probably the joint best and worst movie ever made.


    Taken; the best action film since Bourne, should have won some awards. Excellent.

    disney's bolt - great movie for kids, loved the hamster

    Kung Fu Hustle - Greastest movie ever made


    Hudson Hawk:****

    Hudson Hawk: Possibly the best film of all time. Hugely misunderstood. It's sublety lies in it's minimalist application of plot, and indeed, budget. A seminal work.

    American Psycho: Can't think of anything better than murdering prostitutes whilst listening to 80s pop? Neither can I! Inspired film, and one which I aspire to in my own personal life.
    Now, where's that plastic sheeting?

    Curious case of Benjamin button, very good film that kept me entertained all the way through (was pretty long).



    Curious case of Benjamin button, very good film that kept me entertained … Curious case of Benjamin button, very good film that kept me entertained all the way through (was pretty long).

    See the concept was clever, but the story was slow. I will never get those 3 hours back. It was too long and too focussed on Brad Pitt looking sexier as the film went on.
    No real story line except for his circumstances. Sorry but I didn't rate it. Don't understand all the raving reviews and awards.

    Slumdog Millionaire, much better, not my usual film of choice but found it very good actually. Dev patel was excellent.

    Hunger - 10. Must see!
    Slumdog - 10. Same
    Frost/Nixon - 9. Great
    Flash of Genius - 7. Film was not bad. Great Story.
    The Wrestler - 10. Loved Mikey in it.
    Defiance - 8. Good. Great Story.

    Bolt was brill would recommend to anybody with kids


    Most recent films I've seen-

    Tropic Thunder - Awesome, laughing the whole way through
    Eden Lake - Made me feel depressed :lol:
    Dark Knight - Much darker than previous Batman films, brilliant- Christian Bale's growly voice was a joke though.

    Watched AT Cinema Recently:

    The wrestler - excellent film, would recommend to anyone.
    Slumdog - Excellent, surprised that i liked this.
    Benjamin Button- don't really go in for long movies at the cinema, but never got bored with this. 2 hours 45mins .
    Bride wars - had to take daughter to this. Have seen worse, but not much.


    Eden Lake - excellent, good to see the guy who plays cook in skins in this. Made me wince a few times, must be getting old!

    The Strangers - bit 5hit and predictable.

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    Green street 2 - Only started but already seems =/


    New in town = Surprisingly funny i thought. Defo one to watch with the misses

    Confessions of a shopaholic:

    ok im not a girly movie fan usually but omg this was the best .... could relate to soooo much ..defo a MUST see esp for the girlies!!
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