Found 9th Aug 2008
i want my avatar to move but it wont, i need help

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how do i get it to move as my avatar

Right click that, save it to your desktop then upload it as your avatar

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blast! it hasnt worked, is it important that i save it to my desktop?

Go to edit your profile
Choose Option 1 - Enter the URL to the Image on Another Website

Right click image, copy image location for URL to enter in above option


blast! it hasnt worked, is it important that i save it to my desktop?

Yes then when you go to choose your avatar upload that one from the desktop or wherever you saved it rather than using the url option

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it says file is too big


it says file is too big

I just see that, give me 2 mins and i'll reduce the file size for you

I've reduced the file size but the picture is also too large width an height wise and re sizing it loses it's aspect a bit but here's the results;



Sorted then :thumbsup:

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sorted, thanks all


:whistling: Got the same problem with mine - Have tried what's been suggested but nothing works.:thinking: Is there nothing I can do?:x


It STILL won't work... And its small enough.... Boo hoo hiss hiss
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