Moving a house

    Hi I am a buying a new house for £120000 and I want to get £80000 mortgage from bank and want to pay back that £80000 once I have sold my old house but bank charge 3% early repayment charge wich is £2400.
    Does any body know how can I avoid it ot minimised it.
    Any comment will be appriciated.


    Haggle, see if you can get them just to take a set fee, say £1000 or something, if paid back within 60 days. They should go for it, as it's easy money for them

    Go For A Standard Variable Rate Without Tie Ins


    Go For A Standard Variable Rate Without Tie Ins

    Also go for interest only on that standard variable rate. :thumbsup:

    Either pick a product with no early redemption charges, if you already have a mortgage with redemption charges, ask them what amount (a capitol repayment) you can make before charges come into play.

    Leaving a small amount (£500) may work (as it did for me)

    First ever post so be kind.


    sell old house
    buy new house

    sorted x

    Moving a house

    Don't even try, there very heavy.


    Don't even try, there very heavy.

    LMAO !!!!!
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