Moving abroad during mobile contract

Posted 21st Dec 2019
Hey all,

Just wondering what happens if we decide to move back to North America during our contracts? We have North America roaming and when I asked EE they implied I could continue to use my EE service in US indefinitely...this just seems wrong. Normally back home you can only roam for a certain number of days consecutively. How does that work here? What options are there?
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On my Three contract I went to live in Australia for a year and they allowed me to use the roaming for the whole year. So I assume you'd be good
Get this in writing.
It's normally 3 months max and then they cut you off if you don't return to the UK for a while.

But the computer isn't perfect! so you could get away with longer...
It’s quoted to customers that you must return, however I’ve known someone to live in Australia for two years with a ‘EE Max’ plan and it still worked for the whole duration.
It’s usually 3 months but sometimes it’s longer. Get them to write in writing what there t&c are
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