Moving back to BT from VM

    Hi, I've had enough of VM high BB prices. I had excellent experience with Be There broadband which is also cheaper and doesn't limit my downloads at all. But in order to get that I need to move back to BT.

    How should I go about it phone BT up or cancel VM services first? And I assume I'll have some days cut off from the internet because i only migrate with my MAC code if I have an ADSL connection but with VM it's DSL. Thanks for any help.


    Think you need to give notice to VM first if you are out of the contract period.

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    Yes I am. Would I still be able to get the MAC address?

    If your virgin is cable then they are completely seperate; I'd contact BT (I assume you have a line to reconnect), find out how long it will take then cancel virgin (30 days notice) and with any luck you will not be without internet at all.

    I think the MAC only applies to ADSL, not Cable.
    All you are doing is starting a new Broadband contract through your Phone Line, it should have nothing to do with Cable.

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    Right, but I really need to get the BT line connected first because if I'm going to connect to Be* online because of quidco and I need an active BT line. And yes I used to have BT.

    my mum complained at vm being too slow she gets 2mb broadband for 99p for 12 months

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    Thats another 12 months contract, they are just being too greedy, telewest was the best IMHO.
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