Posted 26th Nov 2022 (Posted 18 h, 39 m ago)
Want to take out a Pay Monthly deal with EE and I currently have a PAYG sim.

Just wondering if I can keep my number during sign-up online? Or do i have to phone up/go into a store?

I thought I could provide a STAC but don't think that's correct.
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    PAC code is what you need from you current provider. Once you've got it, just hand it over to the new operator and your number will be transferred over within 24hrs.

    And you can get it sorted over the phone. (edited)
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    Are you on EE for PAYG, if so it can be a bit harder. You might need to switch to another network and back again.

    Get PAC code.
    Read this.…ne/
    Yeah currently on EE PAYG.

    Was hoping to avoid the old "sim card shuffle" if possible.
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    Assuming you're comfortable accepting a pants pay-monthly (non)deal via EE direct:
    switching from EE PAYG to EE Pay Monthly does not require the PAC dance.
    Text SWITCH to 150 to see how you can be stung.

    Or about a year ago you could sort a direct migration by calling EE on 0800 956 6000 option 2 option 1 after you had sorted a real PM deal elsewhere - don't know if that is still the current number / opt combination but unlikely the concept will have been withdrawn.
    Any remaining PAYG credit is(was) also migrated.
    Switch to 150 doesn't provide any details like that.
    Tried it already.
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    Ring up, they will transfer it over and probably give you a good deal too
    Yes as above phone them up, will be interesting to know what they offered if you don't mind reporting back on here.

    Iirc they used to offer something like 160gb for 14quid 12mth contract.
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