Moving from one three contract to another

Posted 25th Jul
I am on a 12 month contract with three that ends September 1st and just found a new plan on three. If this plan is still going I'll do this one, but I remember last time I had to do something like this, I had to ask three to change my current simcard to pay as you go, order the new contract and then they would change the number over. Is that still the case for anyone else going through something similar? I can't just open a new contract with them and switch the number over right?
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In the past I've moved a phone from contract to 321 and back to another contract all while staying with Three and same number.
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No you can't get a new plan and switch the number over to the new plan.

You'll have to port your number out to another network then port back in on that new plan.

Unless it's a cashback deal you could just ask 3 to match that deal on your existing plan/number?
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