Moving Home - Best Phone, Broadband, and TV?

    Hi, we're moving in aprox 6 weeks time and am wondering what are my best options for phone, tv, and broadband in my new home.

    current home - out of contract talk talk for phone and broadband, plus freesat for tv.
    new home - currently bt for phone and broadband (llu = talk talk, adsl max 5.5mbps, no cable), and freeview for tv.

    I will be purchasing a £15 payg dongle for internet access which has 3gb included to tie us over waiting for connection.

    What are your thoughts on the best, cheapest, and quickest connection options of tv, phone, and broadband?
    (freeview has insufficient coverage for our needs)



    You could sign upto sky and go through quidco and have the lot through them, if you have your phone and calls through them you could get unlimited bb for £7.50 ( Well thats what I pay) remember if you only want the sd package they will still give you a hd box. and only have to take one mix.
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    Yeah, that was the plan until i realised that the local exchange isn't set up for sky.
    The only LLU provider is Talk Talk.
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