Moving Home, BT, and temporary accomodation.

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this situation that i find myself in.

    I have a contract with BT for my phone line and broadband which im happy with. Im in contract for a further 8 months. Im moving out of my house on the 31st of october, and have bought a new house, however it could be between 2 and 6 weeks until my new house is ready to move into, so we are staying with relatives for that period.

    I called BT this evening letting them know that we were moving and that I wanted to transfer my contract to my new house, but obviously there would be a delay between my moving out and in dates, but Im happy to pay for the service in between, even tho i won't be receiving it.

    I have been told that this is not possible, and that i would have to cancel my current contract, then take a new one at the new address once im in, you can only transfer a contract if you move on the same day. This means that i will have to pay an early termination fee, even tho i actually want to stay with them.

    Has anyone been in the same situation? have they successfully been able to suspend an account? as i said im willing to pay for the weeks when I won't require a service, seems mad that they can't do this, Sky are doing it with my TV service with no issues at all.


    That's correct what they told you as they will have no way to keep a contract running without a live wholesale service.

    You can overlap moves and have service at both houses running at same time but u cannot have zero services running.

    Your only option would be if u have a family member or friend with a stopped open reach line that u could restart and move to then move it again, although you will lose the number if u go out of exchange

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    Just phoned them back and they have informed me that they can in fact do it! They have stopped my current service for the 31st and set the new service to start 2 weeks later at the new house, just said that if the date is pushed back further just to let them know and they will delay the install date. There's no cancellation fee and they can delay the install date by up to 60 days.

    So all sorted, just lucky I decided to try again or I would have cancelled and paid the early termination fee!

    just about to tell you what you where told was wrong they say that to get new sales so good job you rang back. infact they can hold your line for 90 days but sometimes the system won't let you do it but it can if needed and even longer if you ring up near the end.
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