moving home losing landline number

    I'm currently with sky and have moved home
    but have Lost my landline number
    I have contacted both BT and sky both saying nothing they can do each blaming the other
    can anyone tell me if they have kept they number after a move? thanks for any reply


    It's normally the responsibility of the new company your moving too, but I've seen in some cases the small print says that they can't guarantee that they can keep you number, if I were you though and you know you have asked them to keep your number, id phone the company you've moved too and ask them to log it as a complaint as your unhappy with the response offered.

    Do you mean you were with Sky at your previous address and took the Sky account to the new address?

    Something similar happened to me with Sky/BT. It is the responsibility (as set by Ofcom) of the company you are using/moving to, to sort out this problem, but I know from experience that Sky haven`t quite grasped this fact. Behind the scenes, all this is handled by `OpenReach`, but as a retail customer you cannot deal with them directly...

    But unless your new address is still on the same BT exchange you can't keep your old number anyway.

    Sky just blame Openreach for any issue. It's an easy way out for them

    If you're with Sky then why ring BT ?
    The phone number is assigned to the exchange, if when you moved you're on another exchange, then the number is gone.
    If you're still connected to the same exchange then you can retrive the number, Openreach will quarantine your old number for 6 months before it's reused.

    Apparently you can't always keep your number if you are moving to a new exchange. I stopped using the landline many years ago and now only has it for the broadband connection. Can't understand why anyone would use a landline nowadays when you can get unlimited minutes (or heavy minute allowance) on mobile contracts so cheaply.


    ...Openreach will quarantine your old number for 6 months before it's … ...Openreach will quarantine your old number for 6 months before it's reused.

    Interesting snippet of info. I wonder if that implies it may be possible to port the quarantined number to say a VOIP service after a home move that would otherwise see the number lost?
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