Hi im in leigh lancs and needing a load of boxws for moving, supermarkets dont really give them away anymore so im looking for used or cheap new ones , any ideas would be great, thanks.


    hi-we have a place on winick rd behind the bowling-its a storage place sells boxes and bubble wrap.
    The best place tho free boxes is Brantano-give them a ring and ask what day they get deliveries and can they save you the lage boxes (not shoe size) and they will not crush them, just flatten. Theyre ideal size.

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    how much deos your place sell them for do you know?

    try round the back of your local shops / supermarkets or ask nicely inside..

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    most supermarkets wont now, they think its more important to recycle, but me using them again is recycleing isnt it????

    i dont know sorry...oh look
    o/h got bubble wrap.…spx

    Id go to Brantano lol


    how much deos your place sell them for do you know?

    Morrisons, use their bannana boxes as theyre strong and last a while. Garden centres normaly have plenty of big boxes lying around so try any near you
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