Moving House - Time to Change Providers ?

    I'm moving house and think its time to consider changing providers of both my broadband and Satalite TV etc...

    I'm currently with Tiscali on my broadband / phone line, which should only cost £20 a month but it always comes in at about £50 as loads of calls are mode to mobiles and my TV is connected to TeleWest, which is £22 a month, I think the service is 'OKish' but think I need the Sky plus option as I don't have a recordable dvd player.

    Any help appreciated please on any good long term deals which are available, reason why I say long term is because I never get round to changing !

    Thanks ..... JONJONJON


    Whoever you choose, just don't go for NTL

    On a more serious note, my setup is as follows:
    TV: Satellite (FTA). Cost p/m - nothing. Got 30 English channels and a couple of Russian ones.
    Phone: NTL (spit!) and two VoIP lines (two geographical numbers overall). Cost p/m - 7 quid + calls (roughly 10 quid for MANY calls including lots of international ones).
    Internet: NTL 2Mbit. So far it works Cost p/m 18 quid.

    If I were wiser then I'd stay with BT and use caller dialer, so there will be free UK calls. But dialers are not cheap with NTL (they forbid use of 1899/18185) so I switched to VoIP.

    I am not sure whether this info is helpful, so disregard it if it isn't

    There you go again Kommunist All that helpful information... I didn't know about 1899/18185 and I haven't yet ventured into VoIP [got a lot of catching up with your posts when I do lol]. But I recommend NTL for TV and broadband, I've never had a big problem with them. I guess it could be down to which area you're in, who you talk to when you need assistance, whether the installation crews are the best ones on the day and so on...

    Sorry my post is of no help to you JONJONJON by the way :roll:

    When NTL connection works then there is no problem. Just don't ask them to add more features to your account A couple of years ago I asked them to add Caller ID feature to my account and guess what? the phone went dead! They were only able to revive my line after one month!
    Then I was stupid enough to order NTL for my new house... And I ordered Caller ID. Since then I spent couple of hours talking to their customer service and it still doesn't work...

    As to TV, I rarely ever watch it but my wife like all those Russian channels, which one can't get from either Sky or NTL. So I connected my Satbox to Sky dish (yes, it is legal) and getting English FTA channels off it. And I also got 85cm dish for Hotbird where Russian channels are. This setup cost me 120 quid three years ago, but now you can buy complete kit for 80 quid or even less.

    I understand that Russian channels might not be everyone's cup of tea, but there are hundreds of English ones

    And my apologies to JONJONJON for spoiling his thread

    I'm with NTL, 4meg broadband, Base TV and phone for £40 P/M. I've had no problems. I phoned them last week and said I'm going to Sky and they said we'll knock £15 off your bill per month and give you £30. So I'm now paying £25.00 P/M.

    NTL/Telewest have a new recordable box coming out later this year and I believe it's free with the 3 for £30 offer.
    Also you get £27.50 from NTL and £40 from Telewest if you go through Quidco

    NTL should be able to do a deal on a 10mb line. It should be at least half price for 3 months for a start, just ring them and mention its a bit expensive compared to other providers. Or alternatively half price on the 4mb line.

    BT option1 for phone, Sky+ installed, Plusnet 8mb b/band unlimited £14-99 pm, Talktalk for calls thru BT line. Tell sky you've been offered an NTL type recorder box (similar to sky+) and you should get an excellent deal.


    Cheapest all round....

    Original Poster

    [SIZE=2]Thanks all for your feedback and comments. I contacted TeleWest to cancel my existing TV package and they bent over backwards offer a full deal on my new home. So, I've now got them coming to my new house the day after I move in and installing ...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Telephone line, free evening and weekend calls & caller ID[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Broadband 2 mb unlimited downloads[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Supreme TV package with a recordable box and another standard box for upstairs or dinning room....[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Cost £44.00 per month (should be about £75 mark)[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]NOT BAD AT ALL !!!![/SIZE]
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