Moving house with SKY

Posted 7th Feb 2011
Has anyone moved house with SKY before? Is it an easy process and does it cost anything?

Were moving into the house on the 20th March, can't wait as we finally have a garden for Katie to eventually play in
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you would probably get a better deal cancelling and getting a fresh contract!
Very easy process; if there's a dish at the new house you can plug in box and it will work no problem. Also if you need to have it installed by Sky, then there is now no charge for a home move, it used to be £60.

Good luck with the move.

Good news on the house I have moved 4 times and taken my sky ... Always … Good news on the house I have moved 4 times and taken my sky ... Always free and they usually installed it the day I moved in

i moved house in december and was free aswell, i had to wait till 4 days after i moved in for them to install, so saxo id get the ball rolling now if i was you to make sure you get the day you move in incase it fills up closer to the time.

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Didn't know they also did a removal service..............i can only get the TV/Broadband/Phone.

As others have said charge as they don't want you to leave.
Ah nice one, someone had said it cost them £50 before to change address

nice to know it's free thanks all
i moved house with sky and it all went well,had to pay for a new install which was £60 but in that i got a new dish and as there was no bt master box in the house i got a new bt box with the a built in filter,plus a new router,didnt think that was to bad,i did have to wait 2 weeks for the broadband to activate at the exchange,but if your after a new sky box then i would definetly cancell and start a new contract,i didnt do this as my box was under 12 months and i didnt need 2 boxes
Syz trust you lol
I've just had a complete nightmare moving with sky i moved on the 13th of december didnt get my phone installed to the 19th of jan and my broadband only came back on today! they also charged me for the move.
great for tv worked same day, broadband/phone on the other hand i found a nightmare took nearly 3 months for both services and even after that i wanted to cancel my tv package and stated that and they cancelled the whole lot!

oh well they let me have sky tv and a few packages for £8 a month for a year and £50 marks and spencers vouchers also £30 credit.
I'll give them a call tomorrow
Don't think there is any great deals on at the moment for SKY, just if I did decide to get Lisa to start a new contract
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