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Found 19th Jul 2007
Ok, I'm currently living in shared accomodation, no bills type thing. I'm moving into a flat at the end of the month and will need to sign up for broadband, tv etc. (The flat is only short term lease, 3 months minimum)

I own a sky box but no dish, cable is not available in the area....I'm quite a heavy internet user/downloader so who can recommend a) broadband 40gb usage limit MINIMUM and cheap way of getting sky installed.

Oh and the flat is also unfurnished so expect a few "best deal on a chair" posts!

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your best bet for broadband is entanet,

its £20 a month but you get 30GB download a month peak time and 300GB offpeak (10pm-8am Mon-Fri, and all weekends) plus no port throttling. sign up to this website and ask a few questions. entachoice.org.uk/for…php

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that looks great but the only thing that might put me off would be the £52.88 set up charge....that would not make me happy.

hmmm yeah i migrated so i didnt have to pay, i will ask on the forum see if any of the resellers are doing any offers of free connection at the monet( i doubt it) and i will get back to you in this thread.

EDIT: Also something i forgot to mention earlier which is quite important is that it is only a 1 month contract none of this 12 month rubbish.

Fungster here is a reply from one of the reseller when i asked is there a way to pay no connection

Its not posible due to the very small markup on the connections, the best that can be done is to spread the cost over 12 months."

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I think my best option might be virgin which you can cancel after 3 months then migrate to adsl24 (entanet) for free...

I'm not 100% sure on this, but as Virgin is cable I don't think you could migrate from them.

Edit: Why not go for the Sky television/broadband/phone package? I've just moved out of a shared house with six people and we had that. I'm not sure what the download limit was, I believe it was unlimited. At least two people had their computers on 24/7 though with torrents always running, so I'm pretty sure we went well past 40gb between six of us.

You say you own a sky box are you a subscriber and using the communial dish?

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sky would be 12 month contract and i'm not really sure how long I'll be at this place and minstrelman, that was the case until I moved out 2 months ago, now I just have a box!
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