Moving Internet Provider within cooling off period


    i recently took out a broadband and talk package from Sky as we couldn't get Fiber at the house.. I've just found out we now can (though not through sky)

    should i ring up sky and cancel or order from BT now.. will it migrate?



    Cancel your order with Sky.
    Your line is Pending Cease and when this status applies to your phone line, no other provider will be able to process an active line takeover due to one already being in place.

    Also... I think BT may be giving you a provisioned order. Once the order is processed (half way after being placed and going active) the status of the availability will bounce back either passed or failed, for fibre.

    If one provider can't get fibre on the current line, no provider can as the infrastructure is shared.

    Before any decision, suggest you doublecheck with Sky that fibre is definitely not available for your line and check with BT that fibre definitely would be.

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    i rang sky the other day and they said there was no sky fiber. the openreach engineer said as it was a new build it wasn't on the "System" however I've checked with BT, Plusnet and Talk Talk and they all say fiber.. Sky still says no. I'll confirm with them before going forward

    Would recommend plusnet. wholeheartedly. you can get cheaper, not a lot, but the customer service is great.

    I haven't long changed to EE and they've been fantastic. Fibre is super quick and haven't had any drop outs at all.

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    just spoke to Sky, after afew checks i can get Fibre. though they won't offer the deal i could have gotten. time to shop around
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