Moving into a flat, it has a bathtub with 2 taps, what is the cheapest way to use it like a standing shower.

Posted 26th Sep 2021
there's a bath tub with 2 taps for hot and cold, 2 sides are against wall and 2 open, the wall isnt fully tiled.

I am not in the properthy so can't take picture but it looks something like this without the fancy stuff.

it is a rented property so I can't do a big makeover and with this setup showering would be hard, what would be the cheapest and effecient way so I can just go and stand in the shower and shower.

I know there are shower curtains that go fully around and shower heads but I am not fully sure of the names so any pointers would help.



19:11 - thanks for the input everyone, some great suggestions and I am now much clearer on what I can do.
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    my tenant got a similar one to that suggested by gumbon above from argos for £40 when the electric shower was broken and was awaiting replacement.

    you would need high water pressure for it to work. ideally, the flat would have a combi boiler for high water pressure.

    you would also need the walls to be tiled as water would splash every where and you would need a shower curtain.

    the arrangement you have shown would not make the shower easy.
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    If the water pressure is sufficient to use the above then ,maybe, two shower curtians, one as norm around the open sides and the other on the walls and draped into the bath.
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    Yeah, I've seen those ones that clip over the taps and the showerhead has a suction cup
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    If you want something a bit more permanent you can buy some bath/shower mixer taps like these....…tap
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    Rubber shower hose = Super cheap £10.
    360 degree shower curtain. Not too sure, but see helpful previous posts.
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    I tried a makeshift one on the taps years ago where I lived, but wasn't worth it, made a mess and the water pressure wasn't sufficient to have a proper shower anyway. Was easier and less faffing about to just have a quick bath. Some might say it's better than nothing but for me it's a proper one or not at all.
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