Moving into a new property with Hive

Posted 17th Nov 2022

I'm moving into a house that has had a Combi boiler installed with a Hive 1 receiver. There was a Hive thermostat left for me but no instructions on how to set it up. I'm currently controlling the heating by manually pressing the button on the receiver.

If I buy a Hive hub will it automatically link to the receiver and thermostat or do I need to buy a full new package?
Also, if I only need to buy the Hive hub, will I be able to buy the latest version (V3)?

Thanks in advance!
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    Power off boiler/receiver. Remove batteries from stat. Plug in Hub and power up. Turn on boiler/receiver. Press and hold the button on the receiver for 10 seconds for flashing yellow light. If you get flashing white do it again for another 10 seconds. Put batteries in thermostat whilst holding menu and back button. That will put it back to factory and all will find one another. Then log in on the app with the new hub ID. 🏻 (edited)
    Thank you very much for this info!
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    You can setup schedules etc on the thermostat but it’s easier on the phone app once you get the hub.

    You should be able to find user guides in the hive website, it’s quite straightforward once you get into it TBH.

    If I remember correctly during the setup of the hub it will prompt you to sync everything. If this doesn’t work or I’m wrong you can call hive and once the hub is registered and on the Wi-Fi hive can access everything and force pair it all if needed.
    Brilliant, thank you Paul!
    I'll go ahead and order a hub. Cheers!
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    Someone posted on a hive deal the other day, that you can not transfer a hive setup to a new owner. I think they said you need a new hub or something. I don't have one, so can't comment
    Yep. Just a new hub required unless you use there email and log in.

    Hubs can't be reset or reregistered. Proper con in my eyes
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