Moving into first flat - help with broadband and phone please.

Found 18th Aug 2009
Hi there,

I am moving into a flat on the 1st September and am looking to get Phone, Broadband and possibly TV into the property. I have been looking at various options but am unsure which would be best. I need unlimited internet, but no more than 8MB, and any free calls would be a bonus. I am also only going to be in the flat for 12 months, so really don't want to be stuck in an 18 month contract.

Firstly I am considering the Post Office which is £24.95 inclusive of line rental for unlimited broadband and a bunch of free calls included. I've also been looking at Tiscali for £19.99 a month inclusive of line rental (and also including TV) but am unsure of the availability in my area. The Post Office is a rolling one month contract, and Tiscali (with TV) is a 12 month one.

A lot of people have mentioned O2 broadband which seems good but again I am unsure if it is available.

I'm sure there are probably plenty of other options available, although both BT and Sky seem quite expensive, and BT only seem to have 18 month contracts.

If anyone could throw any help my way I would be most appreciative. The postcode of where I am moving to is B5 4AB.

Thanks in advance.
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you could get sky, tv, phone and BB for £30ish maybe, they always have offers on, especially if you're a new customer. go check it out.
i just moved into a flat recently and found virgin the most cheapest and quickest installation if u in a rush alot of other providers require 50 pound instalation fee which is the last thing u need to be paying wen just moving i also got a free wireless router from them n i paying around the 30 pound mark for large broadband large tv package and free evening and weekend called i would recommend purchasing it on line as it was quick and easy
Also virgin, if you can get it, with the £150 quidco. I pay £35 a month for L TV, Unlimited landline calls after six and at weekends and 10MB broadband, which is unlimited but you will get stung by the traffic shaping if you download during the day.
SamKnows Says .........
BT Vision is the way forward.. TV on demand - its great for catching up on series like lost n desp housewifes.. its got the full series of things like only fools n horses too.. bit like having thousands of dvds ready to watch at the click of a button.

you do need to have a phone line n bb with bt too..all works out about 42 quid a month (12month contract aswell - get a bit of a discount for first 3months too which is jst 35 i think). the only payment needed is 45 quid for the box n they send you out the wireless home hub for free. Think sky charge 49quid, as well as 30quid for installation, plus its 16.50 for basically freeview. Visions cheapest pack is 14.68 (7.34 for first 3 months) and you get tv,tv replay and a choice of 2 other sub packs out of music, kids, sports, and film. Free subsription to ESPN aswell, sky are charging 9quid a month for espn if u have sky sports or 12quid if you dont.

Its not very well advertised but i have it and havent looked back since!!
Don't think the Virgin is available, and Sky just seems too expensive - I'm not too bothered about the TV.

I like the sound of Tiscali TV for £19.99 on a 12 month contract, but don't think that'll be available either!

Think I'll end up going with the Post Office or Tiscali (for just broadband & line rental)

Anyone got any further advice? Thanks!
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