Moving iPhone to cheaper contract/provider

    My iPhone contract is up at the end of the month and I'm looking to move to something cheaper.

    I have a 3 £15 sim which I'm trying out but finding the download/upload speeds to be a bit disappointing, even though it gets a more reliable 3G connection.

    Does anyone have any experience of using t-mobile/Orange/Virgin/Vodafone sim only deals with the iPhone and what are the speeds like?

    I'm currently paying £35 a month.



    It all depends on the coverage in your area. I get 3.5G (whatever that is, Nokia 5800 tells me I have it) and i get approx 200k/s download for it when tethering my phone to macbook.

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    I ran on my phone at work today on both sims.

    O2 was giving about 600 kB/s (kb? whichever) whereas on the 3 sim I was getting between 60 and 300.

    But I get a 3G signal in the loo (which is very important), whereas on O2 it drops down to WAP speeds.
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