moving master socket (sky/bt)

Found 26th Sep 2015
I have a master socket downstairs marked as BT openreach (I am with SKY) and an extension socket (next floor up) of some kind that is a white blank wall plate that I have my micro filter plugged into and then into my sky hub ( I am on fibre). From my sky hub I have an ethernet that goes to a double wall plate that is linked via an externally graded cable to another double wall plate on the floor above (3rd floor). This then has an ethernet cable from that to the desktop computer.

I hope this makes sense!!

So this has been working fine since January and only last week did I start getting dropped connections maybe once or twice a day. A short line test from SKY with everything as is came up as passed, a speed test came in at 27mb / 3mb.

I was then instructed to unplug it all and have it straight from the master socket on the bottom floor into the test socket. I now am receiving 35mb / 6mb and in 3 days someone from sky will call back about a long line test they are trying.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this would suddenly start happening? I mean, are sky likely to blame every fault line between my hub and my pc? Must I prove this by running the most ridiculously long ethernet cable down 3 flights of stairs with it plugged into the test socket for a week and see if it starts crashing again? Grr.

Thanks Hope this makes sense!

Edit: Do you think it would be worth moving the master socket to the top / middle floor and then using the fittings I have in place? Middle floor has a sky hub, sky box, bluray, etc that all want ethernet and the floor above has my desktop pc that I use for gaming that I want the best for.
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The alternative to moving the master (which will probably cost a fair bit to be done by BT) would be to use an ADSL splitter faceplate, and run a separate unfiltered ADSL extension for the hub.

Alternatively, using an Iplate to isolate the bell wire from the existing extension wiring may improve performance…ate

When judging ADSL signal quality, it's better to look at the connection statistics than a speed test, as there are more variables in a speed test.…tml

A key stat is SNR margin - this is how much the SNR exceeds the minimum for the speed.
I have fiber from BT and this no longer uses micro filters. I would try unplugging/disconnecting one piece at a time starting at the furthest point (your PC) and work backwards doing a speed test after each change until you find the problem. Start with taking out any telephone equipment and associated filters.
appreciate the comments so far guys, going to do this 3 day test thing and see how it fairs. to start with the speed has increased and so far no drop outs, maybe test it out for a week because it hasnt gone that long, that way i can confirm it is my equipment i guess
it dropped out while connected to the test socket, phew! Now they cant blame any of my setup!
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