Moving mobile networks- Mr. Indecisive seeks advice

Found 6th Jul
Posting here since so many members have proven to be so helpful:

I'm going to be leaving EE with whom I've been a customer for 3 years. I've been out of contract for a while, and yesterday received my PAC code so can make a switch ASAP. In the meantime, I've been searching for various packages elsewhere that can provide me with what I need at a (somewhat) reasonable monthly cost.

Data is mega important to me (pardon the pun), and Three are currently offering a 30gb package for £18/month. Part of this plan includes their Go Binge service which means that apps such as Netflix, Snapchat and Deezer wouldn't actually eat into my data. Important as I would like to do a lot of music streaming (which I'm unable to do on any scale given my measly data package with EE).

Conversely, EE have offered me their own 30gb plan at £20/month. As well as being more expensive over the course of 12 months, activities such as music streaming (as not an Apple music user) will actively eat into my data.

Finally, should add that I'm not a 4g user. To briefly explain, the first month I ever used 4g I seemed to use much more data than ever before, hitting the monthly cap in the space of 1 week! Although I guess that on a 30gb package this isn't such an issue. However, I would still like to be with a network that has good coverage- I'm mainly found between London, Manchester and Chester- so would need something consistent.

Any one here able to offer their own opinion of EE/Three (and their speeds), as I'm incredibly indecisive! Thanks
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You would also the WUNTU App with 3. It can be a bit hit and miss depending on your tastes.

I've been with Three for years now and have always been happy with them.

At the end of the contract with 3 make sure you tell them you want to leave. They will offer you a better deal that you are currently on. My daughter gets Unlimited data or £9 a month but she barely uses 3GB per month. I was hoping for the same deal with them but only got 30Gb for £15. The wife get 8GB for £10.
Based on reputation, EE have the best 4g infastructure, 3 have only recently provided 4g in my area. I would always go EE over 3 tbh, but imagine there's not too much to choose between the 2.
ignore any extras like Wuntu you can get them free. Whatever you do just make sure you test the new network in the cooling off period, Not all networks are equal and testing is really important, we locked in with Three and it was ok in our area, but go to the major city near by and it was hopeless and since it was my daughters sim we wanted to be in contact when she was out so after 6 months I bought it out.

Dont discount the likes of plusnet and virgin they use EE and though its not exactly the same speeds its near enough for most.
Much cheaper to join an MVNO such as ID/Smarty/Superdrug Mobile for Three signal, or BT/Plusnet/Virgin/Asda for EE signal.

Just bear in mind that some of these don't have the same features/speed. For example, only ID and BT support Wi-Fi/4G calling, Plusnet doesn't support short code texts, etc.
I was with Three for over three years and I’m currently with EE (over one year). I endured Three’s worse coverage (mainly indoors) and low speeds while I was on the One Plan (£15 unlimited data etc), but wouldn’t go back unless their coverage improves massively. I had to get their signal booster to be able to make and receive callls at home.

Quite happy with EE coverage and speed. Will still lose signal inside some larger buildings (e.g. cinemas, supermarkets), but at least at home it’s good enough.

I recently renegotiated (told them I was thinking of leaving and mentioned a specific Virgin offer that was available at the time) and am now paying £16 for 25GB of data. (Before I was paying £20 for 20GB) Unless you need 30GB or more, I would look for a good competitor’s offer and give EE a call to try and get them to match it.
I'm on Three, They're not as reliable as Vodafone are/were in my area. The data speed is also slower and coverage is very poor outside of town. Never been on EE for comparison. 3 are fairly cheap though and you can usually get a decent deal.
3 is generally good in cities but relatively garbage outside. If your mainly in big cities it’s probably a good move, if your in the sticks forget it.
Definitely go for 4g as why wouldn't you. Crazy not to and yes you will use up data more quickly. I jumped ship after 17 years with EE to tesco mobile on 02 and well happy. For me it's the best customer service and coverage vs best deal. I'm happy with my deal. I can't get 4g EE at home so that's why I left for 02 network.
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Thanks for all responses. After speaking to EE retentions, I’ve been offered 40gb for £20/month. Obviously, there’s no “go binge” (a la 3) so especially no netflix streaming, but a very good deal nonetheless
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