Moving my three mobile number from three pay monthly to three pay as you go sim then back to a different pay monthly sim

Found 25th Nov 2017
Hi three said that instead of getting a pac code to port my number to a different network then port back to three that way that they can move my pay monthly sim to pay as you go then on a certain date to call them and they can move the same mobile number to the a new different pay monthly three sim? Does this sound legit? Is this definitely possible? Please reply, thanks.
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Yes it is legit. Just pac code and port to another network and then back to three if you want to keep same number
Yep three wont move from one three pay monthly contract to another three pay monthly contract but they will go to a three payg to the new three pay monthly contract, did it with them myself over live chat no problems
Go to a Three shop and talk to them. I just moved a Three contract number to a payg sim in the shop. He was saying that there are lots of restrictions and there are as many ways round them
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Wait until your three contract finishes and it will convert to a payg if you ask them to. Then port it to new paym
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