Posted 30th Nov 2022
What's the quickest way please? I was going to buy an O2 SIM tomorrow, use my pac code, and then once it's done, send it back to Voda.

I'm ending my Voda contract early to get a new Voda contract, so wasn't sure if there was a quicker way?

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    That's a bit of madness, now.

    Go to and just renew your contract with them. It can be done early, as I did for my daughter and no need to change the SIM card.…des
    Exactly what I have done and worked perfectly. No need to change sim either although they do send you a new one
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    don’t people usually advise ASDA
    Do they? I might do that then if they're quick?
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    Done similar recently - O2 where a nightmare, took them 8 days to port to them due to a backlog their end causing delays.

    Then 3 days for them to register everything properly once the number was moved to them in order for me to request the PAC to move back to Voda.

    Maybe look at 3 or EE?
    Ported to o2 a couple of weeks ago. Took less than 24 hours.
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    Don't use Voxi whatever you do!
    I have two accounts on Voxi and two on Vodafone - had no problems with either!
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    thats how ive done it before. usually takes a day with each switch. not really any way to make it quicker.

    just be aware the o2 sim will lose any credit once you move your number off of it. but you can use it to fund itunes, xbox or psn though.
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    I used Giffgaff seemed to port over within few hours then back to Vodafone
    That sounds good, just be aware though you can't activate a Giffgaff SIM without paying if that's an issue for anyone.
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    I just ordered an Upgrade sim only via this time instead, it was much easier without the switch in/out.
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