Moving of deals with no explanations as to why

Found 2nd Dec 2017
Why are deals randomly changed without any reason. I had an ebay deal which was posted last time and then when i post it you move it then move it again with no explanation. I have a virgin deal and the same things happen. Total hyprocracy on hotukdeals
Community Updates
Apologies Anon32
I moved it to Misc whilst I just verified something; normally we move TCB/Quidco heads up info threads to Misc.
It too a bit of time to fix it again after you deleted the whole contents.
I've now moved it back to Deals but changed the merchant to Virgin.
I was editing it. And now your editing it. You have a voting system to keep people doing your work for free. I can let someone else do it and not bother. I don't like how forcefull the mods are becoming now. Any reasons for this! There are plenty of tcb deals that stay deals. No consistsncy at all

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