Moving Router, advice

    I currently have my Wireless router in my lounge but want to move it to my office on the opposite side of the house.

    I was thinking of running a DSL line across the house, from the phone point to my office, or will the signal deteriorate too much?

    Is there a better way to do this?


    cat5 cable (or something newer) if you can hide it well, ordinary 4 pair tele line should also be ok.
    signal shouldn't deteriorate hardly at all as long as the terminations are ok

    If you're running it through the house be careful where you place it.

    Mine was under a carpet and a friend of ours went through it in high heels. Now goes through the loft which is neater as well.

    No noticable deterioration, but I don't do much more than be rude to people on here, so I don't know if you're using it for gaming etc.

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    Haha cheers jim, guess i'll run mine either round the edge of the carpet or look into the possibility of running it through the loft (could be much harder lol)

    Cheers joey is Cat5 cable quicker than a dsl cable then? and will it still plug into my phone point filter and router or will i need to invest in new equipment?

    Every answer seems to spawn more questions lol

    Don't use a RJ11 cable for moving a router.
    Either: Run a telephone extension using twisted copper pair (and not a cheap diy extension kit).
    Or: As suggested above run a long Cat5 from the router to where you want it.

    A telephone engineer out of the yellow pages should cost about 30-40 quid for a extension (BT will charge in excess of £125).

    Why can't you just use the wireless? RJ11 cables aren't good over distance and can cause severe problems with your ADSL signal.


    use homeplug

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    mick homeplugs wont get wireless into my office just wired.

    Paddy i use wireless atm but due to thick walls get awful signal
    Is an rj11 cable a dsl cable?
    Do cat5 cables come out from the router to create a wired connection or do they go in between the router and the telephone filter?

    was hoping to do it myself and not spend £40 lol, since im just setting up my new company after being laid off- every penny counts

    Rj11 is router to filter. Cat5 is router to PC. Cat 5 won't get wireless. Best bet in my opinion is a new telephone socket. How competent at stuff like that are you? Only 2 wires at each end to connect.

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    Cheers for the dumb guys explanation paddy exactly what i needed lol.

    Well ive never done it before haha but im always willing to give it a go.

    So my guess would be i need a telephone splitter, telephone cable(whats its proper name lol) and a socket on my end?

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    twisted copper pair (and not a cheap diy extension kit)

    How do i know what a cheap extension is and what a twisted copper pair is??

    Avoid the flat ones, you'll need something like…134

    You'll need an extension socket, cable and IDC tool (look at ebay item number 350212619867)
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