Moving to North Cornwall which Broadband

    Currently i'm on Virgin 2mb broadband, so which is the best provider, happy for people opinions good or bad

    My friends switched over to sky and he is having real problems with connection, then I've heard baaaad things about Orange

    so who is the best as I'm sure that cable is not in the area as I checked some site I found that tells you I can get BT or Satellite??

    I tend to use the internet for lots of things, mostly work, VPN connections, web based applications, occassionally downloading mp3 when I get time, surfing etc and dont have a restriction at the moment

    Thanks in advance


    How much bandwidth do you use per month and what is your budget?

    Not the cheapest but certainly one of the best if not the best is Idnet [url][/url] Have a look at [url][/url], most isp's have a forum there, take a look at the forums and ask questions of the isp's you like.

    Original Poster

    sorry, thought i'd subscribed to this one...

    It fluctuates occassionly I have to download software to test.
    I use a mac so most of the software you can get to monitor usage doesnt work. but i'll check out the links....

    is sky good? I'm with them at the moment for TV, but I was going to cancel and get my partner to start it afresh at the new house..since otherwise you can lose your service for 10 days according to the website

    Find two or three working landline phone numbers for someone who resides/has a business very near where you are moving and it and their post code into:


    Should give you a rough idea of what you can obtain


    Just not ORANGE, they are the pits
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