Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 4 - new version

    Sorry if there repost - I can't find it on search.…ta/


    Is there anything THAT new?

    They've moved the tabs and introduced synchronisation from what I can see (which XMarks does better anyway).

    Tried Beta 3 a few weeks back and it was terrible. After install I had 7 top info bars and could remove none of them ! Went back to v3.6


    Beta 1 was great and its gone downhill from there both in terms of addon compatibility, forced addon compatibility, stability in general.

    Beta 4 has direct2d support if you turn it on, which is very nice but crash happy.


    dont bother unless you dont mind most of your add-ons being incompatible

    I've never been one for browser betas. Anything else is fine but not a web browser; too many niggles for something i use so often.
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