MP3: 320kbps or VBR V0?

Found 18th Jan 2013
Hi guys

I'm very confused with which to go for, the highest possible constant bit rate mp3 or the best variable bit rate one? Is there any difference in sound quality? I have heard that the VBR at a lower bit rate uses a different compression method and sounds just as good or even better than 320 CBR..

The vast majority of my music on my NAS is in FLAC, but my Cowon J3 MP3 player only has 64GB + 8GB internal space, so I need to put a lossy format on it. Ideally I wanted to put AAC, but there was a problem with trying to get them to scrobble to via the Cowon, so I'm gunna go for MP3.

Is there any difference in sound quality?

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If you're going to be using a portable device use V2, you can't tell the difference.

I download V0 though, its essentially the same as 320 but at a variable bit rate so any silence in tracks won't be at the same bit rate as a full orchestral sound.
Thanks for the reply

The Cowon is very powerful though and combined with a decent pair of headphones it might be a bit of a waste and noticeable lowering the quality?
On a similar note, is VBR likely to affect battery life much? I have heard that it uses slightly more processing power.
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