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Found 5th Feb 2009

Re: Cheap websites to download MP3 songs/albums

Sites where you can listen to a full song. And not a clip!

Free Downloads (also)

Cheapest site to download - Albums

Cheapest site to download - Songs



find whatever soung you want on youtube then convert it to mp3 using vixy.net or listentoyoutube.com. when copyin url change uk.youtube to [url]www.youtube[/url]

All free ]here.

Are there virus risks with these kind of sites please?
Cheers, Wilf.


ok so you need to download some software, but then you get access to trillions of tracks to listen to.. not to download, although you can create you favourite playlists so effectively although you dont own the songs you can access them anytime.. only downside i can see is that there is the occasional ad in between songs ..once in every 4-5 songs ( although you can pay to avoid these) .. and as stated no downloads.. that said i've a pc in the lounge and bedroom and have streaming music from this site all the time..
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