Found 4th Aug 2008
Hello all,

My mom is after an MP3 player and she keeps bugging me about it so I thought i'd ask on here.

- It is fair to say that my mom is technically incapable (she won't mind me saying that) so need something relatively easy to use.
- Ideally needs to have a screen so she can see what she is playing
- Must be rechargable... can't be doing with all of the changing of batteries etc.
- Finally it must be cheap!

The best I could come up with was an Ipod shuffle but these don't have a screen. Any suggestions more than welcome.



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Someone here will help.

Just to say, my mun has POOR eyesight and gooten her one with a BIG display, 2 colors as too many colors she couldn't see the TEXT,. just saying if needed

There's a philips Go Gear for about £29.99 comes with a screen, rechargable and the files are drag and drop. Tesco's do them in store.

Recommend ]this

Very easy to use and charges off USB

Original Poster

Thanks for the help guys will go away and look further into it. Any furhter suggestions more than welcome.

I wouldn't bother with a one with internal battery ,when you want to use it , it'll be flat . Nothing better than popping a new AA or AAA battery in & keeping some spare in your pocket for when on your holls . I have loads of players bought over the years .............64mb .......128mb........2gb ,but the most recent was a AIGO [A215] mp3 player . It's very good with excellent sound quality but two of the reasons for buying was takes an AA battery and will last for nearly 50 hours .It's 4gb , so it'll load quite afew tunes , it's a bit bigger than the normal mp3 players but it's a good'n .
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