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Found 17th Jan 2009
My head is frazzled from simply trying to work out what is right for both me and the mrs. I've browsed so many of the things I haven't got a clue what I actually want.
I tried the creative zen 16gb from hukd a month or two back. Wasn't overly impressed, ended up sending 2 of them back to amazon after minimal use.

I've noticed the 120gb classic ipod going for around £165 in-store at Macro.

Can anyone help. I'm looking for something with a good sized memory (like the 120gb classic) and maybe a 8gb for the wife.

Any suggestions or deals would be gratefully appreciated.
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Love my iPod video but just bought my boyfriend an Archos 5 and would gladly trade in the iPod, my laptop and other various electrical items for one of my own lol!
If you've got the money I'd definitely recommend the Archos but if not you can't beat an iPod!
I've used the Sony mp3 Walkman's now for a long time. Wouldn't swap them for anything. Audio wise they blow the iPod away.

Not sure the prices of the newest models, but would highly recommend a look at them.

Interface wise and ease of use the ipod beats them all hands down, also … Interface wise and ease of use the ipod beats them all hands down, also accessorys wise aswell.

Matter of opinion there really. I can't stand the click wheel at all. But then thats just me, others think its the best thing since sliced bread. Courses for Horses and all that jazz.
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