MP3 / ipod shuffle - just need some music but what to buy ??

I am planning to buy an mp3 player - nice and simple one with good sound.
I don`t really have a budget but like value for money.

Have about 300 / 400 songs but have no idea what's best to buy and where for a good price?

Any advice ? Thanks x


i've just signed up for napster on the go (there is currently a voucher on here giving 30 days free trial). download as much as you want but it works out £14.95 a month. if you cancel then you can't access the songs. they are currently offering a free mp3 player (1Gb - approx 400/500 song storage) if you sign up for 6 months subscription. not sure its what you really want but it's an idea. i'm not sure what happens when you cancel as in the meantime it seems you can burn the songs to cd!

I bought one of these...

plays .AVi videos as well. Bargain.



cheap and cheerful and nice sound - just bought one on their cheap wednesdays. Dont forget to setup and account and then email them that you are also on HUKD and they apply a constant discount across all prices when you order. Also Quidco.

Found it! - instructions about the partner agreement/discount HUKD-SVP

Original Poster

Thank you all for your help !!!
Enjoy the weekend ...

ebuyer seem to have quite a lot of no name mp3 players at good prices...some of the video ones look good...now sure about the quality though..

Go for the , SONY BLACK MP3.. 2GB, THINK ITS THE 103, .from Play.com..£18 all in. £35 ish at argos if not more.. good sound, drag + drop, easy to use.. they,re also in white too...

]Morgancomputers.com has a refurb Samsung 2GB YP-Z5 - Samsungs Competitor to the Nano for just 29 quid. Six month warranty too.

New peice usualyy goes for about 100 quid so this is an absolute bargain if you dont mind refurb stock. And rechargeable and drag/drop too (no fancy software needed)
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