mp3 / mp4 for young son

    Hi his budget is £40.00

    not a great deal but can buy something im sure, Any ideas where to go this weekend - either internet or in shops.



    ipod shuffle 1gb £28-30 holds 250 songs
    2gb version £42-44

    got mine from currys £30:thumbsup:

    Charlie Scene;5408885

    got mine from currys £30:thumbsup:

    Nice screen for watching MP4s on lol,

    dunno how old he is - why not get him a creative zen stone 1gb from morrisons for a tenner. they usually have a range of colours. it's ultra easy to use. it has a small speaker in it. good music quality. i love mine, it's sturdy and i'm not going to cry my eyes out if it breaks or if i lose it.

    will he use mp4? i've never used my other players in this way really.


    Nice screen for watching MP4s on lol,

    erm...this is for mp3's only

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the comments

    All taken on board andf will look over weekend.
    Want to stay away from the shuffle as its quite small and he WILL lose it.

    Keep the ideas coming as can wait till sunday.

    I did see one posted here for tescos but like all the deals i see it wasnt available :x

    thanks again

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    Probably wont use the mp 4 but hes nearly 9 and i think he wants one? Oh to be 8 going on 16

    shuffles cheapish here.............not sure about postage!


    I've one of these (pretty certain its that model) if you would be interested at all as I am looking to sell it.…0D6

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