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Hi there, 1st time poster so please dont shoot me down

I have been browsing the site for a few months now but in the past couple of days I have been looking for a MP3 player with about 8gb of memory. I was looking at the ipod nano but I was wondering if anyone has any other mp3 players or cheaper alternatives? I have no real price but as I said I was looking at the nano which is around £120, so anything cheaper would be a bonus!!

Thanks very much, in advance.



you will not beat the creative zen, top draw mp3/mp4 player..

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Thanks, does anyone know of any cheap websites where I can order one? : D

If your in full time education, further education etc.

You will get discount at the apple store on a Nano, I beleive its 15% if I remember rightly.

try this e bay item 270222280357
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