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    Hi have £100 to spend on an mp3 player does anyone know the best one i can get for my money?thanks.....

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    Well, this depends you're you are really after. You can get 1GB iPoo shuffle if you want to join the crowd, but I worked for a big IT company where I tested almost every single mp3 player there exists and personally I think the best choice under £100 is now iAudio G3 1GB.

    You can get one cheply from:…tml

    iAudio is one of the biggest manufacturers of Mp3 Players and is very well know for it's attention to great sound quality and number of features. So you get absolutely top notch sound, FM radio, voice recording, loads of options, linux support, wide range of file types supported, etc.

    To be honest I must admit I actually have G3 personally too and even I love it. It's small and you get over 50 hours of baterry time (uses single AA battery) - can any other mp3 player do that?

    Oh, and did I mention best customer support from iAudio? You also get regular firmware upgrades (you can even request new features).

    Some of the iRiver mp3 players are worth looking at as well. Their sound quality is very good too, but it's a bit more "bassy". And the customer support is quite poor (including very few firmware upgrades).

    Hope I could help.
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