mp3 player

    Hi peeps, first time here but was around before. Was wondering if anyone can give me a good deal on a cheap mp3 player. In short:

    1) Decent memory (about 2gb or more)
    2) Usb stick on end to transfer files
    3) Optional but small would be nice

    This may be a double post so I apologise if this is the second because my previous one somehow didn't come up yet.

    Thanks to those who are reading and another to those who post. I found this one but hope someone can beat it ;-) :……tml


    Welcome here Artonox

    Original Poster

    Hi emmajk42, nice to meet you.

    Back to this thread, everything seems to like doing this when there is a time gap in replying to the thread, so I might as well do it too :):

    *BUMP (whatever that means LOL)
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