MP3 Player Deals?!


    I have up to £200 to spend on a new mp3 player, my only specification is that it has to have a large capacity HD, 60gb+. I wanted a Creative Zen Vision M, but I have heard that it has been discontinued. I have also shied away from iPods in the past due to their reputation for breaking at the slightest of knocks, or even for no reason, and am not really interested in purchasing one.

    I could possible get hold of a Microsoft Zune 2 (80gb) from a contact in the US for $249.99, reckon this is worth a go? Have read mixed reviews and heard it only works with the Zune software.

    Any suggestions would be welcomed and taken under consideration, thanks in advance.


    Welcome to HUKD morocco1

    I once thought of shying away from iPods because of what others said, then I bought one a year or so ago...and I would probably never buy any other MP3 player on the market.

    The iPod classic as it is now is a fantastic player, good sound quality and has some nice new features as well as an improved GUI which is better then the 5th gens. I don't want to ignore what you say about not wanting one but if you want an MP3 player which is easy to syncronise, easy to use and reliable (I have not come across anyone i know who has had a problem with anything above the 4th gen iPods - certainly mine has been flawless) then I would at least consider the iPod (especially since it is only £159 for 80gb)
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