MP3 player for running & the gym

    I'm after a cheap MP3 player to listen to when out running or in the gym.

    I want one that charges & doesnt need batterys. Hold about 1 hour 30 minutes of music, not sure what that would be in megabytes though =/

    I dont mind if it has a screen or not & I would prefere it to be quite small & £15 or less.

    I have one of these at the moment…tml

    But I went to change the music on it & the software wouldnt work & now it wont turn on, charge or connect to the PC. It came with a belt thing so was perfect for running. I might get another for £16 but the software was crap & I would prefere an alternative if possible.

    Any ideas are welcome.



    Hiya.... ive found this for you.... its really good and thier is no software needed for it.…236

    All you have to do is use it like a usb pendrive its just simply drag and drop which is great....

    You can get the armbands for it also which is good and its so small you can even have it in the palm of your hand.

    Here is the armband from amazon…688

    Also it charges via usb on the pc also so no cables. My fella uses it for running and is good

    Hope this is ok for you


    just get an ipod shuffle! sound quality isnt the best (i like bass, its more treblly) but still amazing - i bought mine as my old ipod took up a whole pocket which was irritating as i walk everywhere with only my pockets as storage, but the shuffle just clips on which is really handy plus its secure so wont fall off. an armband would irritate me personally.....

    cheapest second hand is probs over £20 tho and i hate itunes, so that may be the only downside...

    Original Poster

    I was looking at the creative in currys the other day actually, didn't realise that you could get an arm band for it, will have to go down to town & take a better look at it.

    I was thinking about the shuffle also, might try & get one second hand as I think the clip would be better than an armband or belt. Is it hard to convert mp3's into the format supported by the shuffle?


    no you just plonk them into itunes from your 'my music' folder, or you can rip cds directly into itunes. The shuffle is actually really fast to sync too which is a plus, battery life is great, volume is fine, all in all a really good piece of kit.

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