MP3 player & lack of CD drive (might be a stupid question)...

Hi, I currently don't have a working cd/dvd drive on my pc but really want to buy an mp3 player. Just wondering if I need a cd drive to install the software for an mp3 player, or are there some mp3 players that will let me download an necessary software online?

If so, which brands should i go for? I only want something cheap and cheerful for when I run.

Thanks (and apologies if this is a stupid question).


ipods use itunes, i would imagine most big name brands will have software you can use online, or if not then you should be able to drag and drop the music files straight on the drive. It depends on your budget and how much space you need to store on, if you tell us what you need then someone will know a deal somewhere

iopds dont need an install disc-many other brands will just be recognised by windows as a removeable storage device.

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I don't need anything big, just to fit a few songs on. 2-4gb would be more than enough and basically as cheap as possible is best.

edit to add - I have argos vouchers to spend, but happy to buy elsewhere if I'll get better value for money.

Original Poster…lac

^Was looking at the one above, looks great but doesn't have a clip and my gym clothes don't have a pocket.
Can anyone suggest one with a clip that's of a similar price?

Most Mp3 players dont need any software, usually you just drag and drop the songs, just like what you would do with a USB stick.

even if you did need to install some software, 99.99999% of the time you would be able to download it from the manufacturer's website.
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