MP3 player made by sansa - any good?

    Anyone know if these are any good please? Link in next post. Thanks


    My kids have these and they seem a lot more robust than the ipods they had previously

    lol their smallest MP3 player yet 6 quid delivery................

    I had an Ipod, I now have a Sansa. I do not miss my Ipod, nor ITunes one little bit!

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    lol their smallest MP3 player yet 6 quid delivery................

    lol gona collect from store if I buy it. Never heard of them before so worried who they are!

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    For people who have them are they easy to transfer songs onto etc? I normally just drag and drop with my mp3 player I have now (phillips)

    It is made by Sandisk. (Big memory company)

    The model is a Sansa clip.…spx

    great mp3 players-very solid and nice clear screens-I got a few e250s from work cheap when we deleted the line-2gb but expandable via micro sd card-the quality is amazing-highly reccomended.

    I have the sansa view which is very good not sure about the clip though.

    There is a good forum here for the sandisk range


    incredible sound quality. One of the best audio processors you can get in a mp3 player, and one of the cheapest. If you want small and don't want video or SD expandability this is THE player to get. IMHO
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