MP3 player which plays from the same point in a file

    Folks, I listen to quite a few podcasts and audiobooks, and the problem I have with most MP3 players is that when you switch them off - and then back on again - they restart the last file played from the beginning. As a single file can be 2.5hrs long this isn't any good to me. Can anyone suggest an MP3 player which restarts from the same point in the file it was playing ? Not Apple, as I find i-tunes too invasive. Thanks !


    Not sure what phone you have but if you have an Android phone the Merdian app will do this for you. Realise it is not strictly what you asked but it may help.

    i have a creative (zen stone) and it restarts in the middle of a song if i switch it off part way thru. was really cheap too only £10 i think.

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    Thanks for the answers !

    i have a samsung s3 and it starts at the point in the song where i turned it off
    it was £30ish for 8gb

    My cheap mp3 player does this but only if you pause the track before turning off as if you just turn switch off it doesnt save position.
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