MP3 player with rechargeable battery?

    My mum would like a MP3 player for Crimbo but with rechargeable battery that can be charged from the mains (not just a pc) about 512mb.

    does anyone know of any good ones up to about £50? she's not very technically minded so the simpler the better!!!

    Thanks a lot.


    You could try this mp3 at 7dayshop. It is bundled with a 512Mb SD card, so ideal if you have a camera that takes these too. Its just 12.99 + p&p.
    You could then buy a charger and rechargable batteries from the same site, they have some good deals. Then you could use the batteries in different equipment too. Take a look…027
    Good hunting

    try ]uxcell, most of their mp3 players are fantastically priced and come with a mains charger

    for example, their ]1gb player (2/3rd the size of a nano) comes in at £29.53 delivered and in your budget, the ]2gb player is £41.21 delivered.

    delivery is from hong kong so allow a few days and order early...
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