MP3 players - £2.97 !!!!

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Found 27th Jul 2009
ok i came across this earlier.... would like to know if anyone can get one at this price ???

i googled Sansa Fuze to obtain the cheapest price and went through a website which said it was £24.95 anyways i clicked the link which too me to the pcworld website...


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also comes up as DanDisk which surely isnt right !

Let's give that a try.............!

nope, not for me

i cant find it care to post tht exact link to pc world lol

can't find it sadly! whats the direct link for it? x

What's the URL of the website that had them at £24.95 (that clicked through to PC World)?

Only prices I get via google are £59 and £47?

ive got it but u cant buy them

just google pc world multimedia players lol it gives u a link to tht page when you try to buy it doesnt work on either

Price on normal PC World site is:
Price inc VAT £59.99
Standard Delivery £4.84

due to high demand blah blah...

Anyone got a link? \m/


Anyone got a link? \m/

here but it wont help you lol


Cheers, just Curious! lol +Rep

looks sooo nice in red too

I bought a Sandisk Fuze 2GB from them a few weeks ago, labelled as 24.97 but scanned at 19.97.


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