MP3 Players!

    Hi Peeps,

    Im looking to get an mp3 player.....

    want it to be fairly big, ie 10gb upwards i suppose...

    had an iriver once at 40gb and it was one with a laptop drive in it basically, was good but a little chunky, cost me £200 too! Looking for cheaper than that really...

    Its for a holiday to USA and i need to be able to listen to some choons on the way over.......

    Anyone help me? I don't want an ipod as they are over priced and basically a pain in the **** using itunes...i want to use it like a removable storage drive and chuck stuff on it willy nilly via Vista etc...




    Look at an Archos you can get an older gmini 400 for fairly cheap and can watch a few movies albeit on a small screen on the wat too. I had mine on all the way on a 9 hr flight and the battery didnt die.

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    interesting, where do you normally get them from?

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    what about?



    what about?]

    Please don't post eBay links in the forum Thanks.

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    oooppps sorry

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    Not sure about the website as I've never heard of them before but this seems a good price

    I have had a couple of Archos MP3 players, had a really good Creative Zen NX Xtra (60GB) for quite a while, but have now finally given in and bought an 80GB Apple Ipod Video in Black for £219.

    Its great, the Ipods have improved through the 'generations'. Creative tends to be good value, really good technically, Archos more difficult operating system, whilst I would previously have said 'Dont be a sheep, why go for apple', I have now been converted. or Dabs have them in stock

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    Well just bought the Creative Zen!

    creative is nicer to the ipod easier to put on videos and so on and it plays LOADS of formats

    Ive always like creative, the departure to Ipod was solely capacity based, but it is lovely....You will enjoy the Zen I'm sure though.

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