MP3 players that support protected AAC files (.M4P) other that iPods

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Found 5th Jul 2008
As the title suggests, I am looking for an MP3 players that plays purchased iTunes songs. Don't want to buy an iPod but will do if there are no others. Just personal preferance.

Don't fancy the burn and rip thing to unlock them, too many to do that to.

Oh it needs to be compact too, suitable for gym use.

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If you are using iTunes, you'd be really better off with an iPod as they integrate with the software the best way.

You can pick up a 'reconditioned' iPod from Apple themselves (which in most cases is a reboxed new iPod).

For gym use, I'd recommend an iPod shuffle (clip variant) as they are lightweight and don't get in the way while your working out.

You can get a 1Gb shuffle for £25 delivered from Apple :…1.1

If the link breaks, go to - and scroll down to the 'special deals'

Again, sorry to harp on about iPods, but for the price and functionality, there simply isn't anything that comes close for quality and integration. I've tried many MP3 players in the past, including Creative Labs and others.

Addition: iPod nano 3rd Gen also great for something to watch when your doing cardio work (i.e. bike or crosstrainer)
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