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    A couple of months ago I bought my nine year old daughter a cheap mp4 player off fleabay. All the way from Hong Kong for £25. It played mp3 and videos in a format that I had never heard of, but came with software that did the converting. Anyway, that player is now deceased, she misses it a lot, and I am looking for a replacement.

    Something that will play mp3 & videos as cheaply as possible. Cheaply simply because 9 year olds are not great at taking care of often delicate electronic equipment and it would be crazy to spend loads on something that will problably get broken/lost before Christmas. Ive considered mobile phones or even PDAs.
    Anyone got any ideas?

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    I've got a 4gb MP3/4 player - Ipod lookalike - used twice - with a headphone jack convertor - £20?

    Edit the £20 - just seen one go on Ebay for £16 all in - its yours for £15 all in.
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