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    If anyone could shed any light on this it'd be greatly appreciated!

    I want to get an mp3/mp4 player that I can connect to an external HDD drive (i.e. "Western Digital My Passport Essential 250GB USB Portable External Hard Drive") to use to play audiobooks and mp3s. Will any mp3/mp4 player with a USB 2.0 interface recognise an external HDD or would I need to get a different device altogether?

    I just thought that it might be possible to store the audiobooks and music on the external HDD and just get a cheapish Mp3/mp4 player to play the content...rather than getting a 30gig + Mp3 player-as i'm not going to have pc access for a while to transfer more audiobooks across from another source!

    Thanks for any help in advance


    The archos 605 with battery dock detects it, I don't know about others.

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    Thanks I shall check it out

    At £160+ for the Archos, it might be worth taking a different route. Devices like the SanDisk Sansa Fuze uses memory cards. £69.99 at Play ]here. Further 8Gb micro SD cards are £13.33, or £6.22 for 4Gb, both on Amazon.
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