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Hi - Can anyone help me out with a query I have. I've recently registered with and have started to download some albums. I'm downloading as a zip folder and then extracting the songs including the album artwork. When I try to add the entire folder to ITunes it brings over the songs ok but the artwork doesn't appear to be coming across. Am I doing something wrong? Cheers

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Just put the artwork on yourself..

It could be that the MP3s haven't had the artwork embedded into them. You have the picture of the cover I'm guessing, but you may need to point the MP3s to it.

Highlight all the MP3s in the album, right click them and go on Add Artwork (or Properties, then Add artwork)....... or something similar to that process. I don't use iTunes.
There's also programs which will do it automatically but I've never used one so can't recommend any..

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I've never done that before I always used to purchase from ITunes. How do you do that please?

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Ok I've just selected the MP3s on Itunes and right clicked and selected 'get Album artwork' a warning message then displays that say's 'iformation about songs with missing artwork will be sent to Apple' Do i need to worry about that?

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I thought it was insinuating that I had downloaded illegally and that by looking for an album cover my actions would be reported to ITunes. Interested in why you think it is a waste of money? Bit rates of stuff Ive downloaded have been 320 so Im quite pleased and its legal.
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