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    Hi Im trying to convert some MP4 files from ITunes so I can play them on my music centre via my usb device. Can anyone recommend some free software. I've just downloaded Tune Converter only to find out it was a trial only version which limited each transfer to 90secs!! I want one that I can use right away thats free. Cheers


    not sure about the itunes thing but FormatFactory has been good for converting lots of media in the past. Yes its free.

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    Thanks guys just downloading format factory to give that a try.

    iTunes can do this for you if its audio files..

    Just go into the preferences, and under general, hit "Import Settings". Choose MP3 Encoder and then set it up how to want the output to be.

    Then just right click the files you want as MP3's and chose "Make MP3 Version"

    This is why I dont deal with itunes, Apple want to make you stick with just them.

    I like my files to JUST WORK.......anywhere. Is that too much to ask Apple?
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